Roseann, ABC & the “Monkey”


THEY say the reason our country is in such bad shape is because we’ve taken God and prayer out of schools, government buildings and even want it off our money.

“ONE OF US” – Joan Osborn

THEY also say that evolution shouldn’t be taught in school because GOD created man in his image. GOD created Adam. According to Genesis 2:18,  Eve was made from Adam’s rib because GOD said, ” It is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a helper fit for him.” (Yes I just dropped scripture #OT #NIV)

“HOT N COLD” – Katy Pretty

So how is it that, IF in fact that is gospel… The word of the Creator, everyone who looks different than THEM all of a sudden becomes a monkey, gorilla or some sort of other animal when the mud is being slung?

“Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in HIS sight..”

It can’t go both ways. It can’t be both things. UNLESS… Inherently THEY are saying that anyone who does not look like them are not God’s creation.

“WE ARE THE WORLD” – USA for Africa

But that also can’t be true because in John 3:16 the Apostle wrote, “For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten SON, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (#NT #KJV). That verse doesn’t say that whoever believes in him is created in God’s image or that all who don’t believe in him evolved from primates.

“SAD BUT TRUE” – Metallica

1 John 4:20 “If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.” (#NT #ESV). We can’t “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” if WE continue to treat each other this way. If you agree with the beliefs of these people you might want to think about the writings of your CREATOR.


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To stand or to kneel…The National Anthem Debate.

Star Spangled Banner

Just wanted to point out something in the National Anthem debate.

**Read the ENTIRE post before you make any comments or judgement**

Jehovah Witnesses don’t stand for the National Anthem. They also don’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. They don’t vote…(I know because I was forced to be one from 1997-1998)

The only difference is THEY aren’t on TV and THEY didn’t start doing it bc they felt it was the only way to get attention. WHICH, is exactly what they are getting whether or not you believe they are right or wrong.

A movement only has traction as long as people are noticing it. Just like when a child falls down, if the parent doesn’t overreact neither does the child…

I protest paying my bills every month. But because no one really cares and I still have to do it.

“If you like it then you better put a ring on it” -Beyonce.

This is similar to the debate about “gay marriage” aka MARRIAGE. Why are so many people concerned about what these people do?

It has nothing to do with you UNLESS YOU (collective group YOU) are paying for the ring, my wedding, my reception, and my honeymoon. If you are then by all means feel free to tell me who I can and cannot marry. Otherwise…

“GO SIT DOWN” – Maceo Parker.

Do they make you watch their games, buy their tickets or “schwag”? If they get paid for endorsements stop buying it and use the competitors brand. They don’t work for the government so you don’t pay their salary unless you do any of the aforementioned. So it shouldn’t affect you.

Standing or kneeling during the National Anthem has absolutely no bearing on anyone else’s well being anymore that what I decide to have for dinner (Hotdogs, white macadamia nut cookies and minute maid fruit punch.. Dinner of champions).

The only reason we’re talking about this is because of WHO is kneeling and their (overexaggerated) status in society. Musicians, actors/directors/producer, athletes, politicians etc. are American gods because you worship them and everything they do and say.

THEY wouldn’t have a platform if YOU didn’t elevate them to the level they are at and gave them one. They wouldn’t be able to abuse their power (#me2) if they had none.

At the end of the day they all eat, piss, sleep, bleed and die just like any other human on the planet. YOU pay for them to do it a lot more comfortably than the rest by contributing to their cause. Stop participating.

“THE BAD TOUCH” – The Bloodhouse Gang

If you participated in sodomy before 2003 in 14 of the 50 United States, it was an illegal act. Many of you continued to do it cause no one could tell you what to do in the privacy of your own homes. However, to not follow the law of the land is disrespectful and therefore by performing such an act you, too must have hated your country. Again, the only difference is, even after you posted it on the internet (yes I went there), no one cared enough to call you “Un-American” and debate it. AND based on that logic, IF you believed it shouldn’t have been overturned (it was intitially created to prevent such acts from happening between people of the same sex but was so broad it covered everyone), then you would be very American by continuing to uphold that law…

Did you stop? If so, my hat’s off to you. Madam… Sir. You have earned the right to call anyone Un-American as you please because you are truly a Patriot. TRULY. Our troops fought/fight to defend the American way and you respect them by having kept and keeping your mouth closed in the bedroom.

We should rewrite the Constitution to make it such that to live in the the USA, if physically capable, you MUST stand for National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance and vote. All who do not will be sent to the land of Misfit Toys.

Until then it’s not illegal, Un-American, disrespectful or not patriotic. It’s just annoying.

“DO SOMETHING” – Britney Spears

If these overpaid, self absorb, numb nuts wanted to do something about police brutality, racial profiling etc. They would take some of their millions and billions of dollars and create a program with every state to do psych elvaluations or whatever is needed to remove bad people from that position.

If everyone single athlete kneeling piled a million of their multi millions together and took all 50 States to task, starting with the ones with the most instances, maybe something would change. We don’t know cause all they’ve done is take a knee.

“All I want to say is that, they don’t really care about us” – Michael Jackson

Taking a knee isn’t helping me feel anymore safe when I take my road trips alone. Taking a knee doesn’t make me feel safer that when I get an Airbnb, that as I pack up to leave the neighbors won’t can the police because they think I’ve robbed the place and as I attempt to explain or pull out my phone to show the transaction I’m not shot or beat. Taking a knee when you have the means of which to actually affect change is childish, superficial and annoying. Because they are gods in this country they have the power to do something real.

They have the world’s attention now take that and actually do something. Otherwise…

“MOVE B*$#@(get out the way)” – Ludacris.

The funny/sad thing is… No one will see this because I’m not important enough for ANYONE…TO…CARE…ABOUT…THIS…RANT…I have no platform. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

Stop giving the children your attention and they will..

“SHUT UP” – The Black Eyed Peas


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13 Reasons Why…This show hit close to home (Ok. Not actually 13)


I haven’t written anything in over 3 years. I made the mistake of watching this Netflix original series. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe I chose to watch this because I was curious. Whatever the reason I haven’t been able to shake the content or unsee or feel what I saw and what I now feel.

So what is the connection? I think on some level the angst of a preteen/tween/teen is something that is inexplicably perplexing, uncomfortable and volatile. For me Middle School was a mixture of happiness, loneliness, sadness, joy  and a great deal of confusion. This was the time I was beginning to learn to be become a chameleon. In Sunday school I was taught that I needed to be all things to all men. I’m a pretty literal person and I took this to heart. I also learned in Elementary School that being an individual was only important as long as it was mainstream and understandable.

I was a happy kid. I loved riding my bike. My sister and the other neighborhood kids would ride for miles and miles until the street lights came on and then we booked it back home. I loved musicals; Singing in the Rain, The Sound of Music etc. Saturday morning cartoon, bowling, Monopoly, Risk and my Sega Genesis. Music was already beginning to shape the canvas of my life.

I was a lonely kid. Not because there weren’t plenty of people around but because there was something different about me. There were things happening in my home that no one could know. There were things happening to me that no one would know about until I would get to High School.

I was sad because I wanted to protect my mom and couldn’t. I wanted to win the respect of my dad but I wasn’t the “typical boy.” I struggled in school and I always felt like I was in competition academically with my sister. In 1993 two of my friends, one of whom was a girl I dated committed suicide. Our cat Mel died of feline leukemia. My Great Granny Mattie died and my Uncle Jerry died after not surviving his wounds from a fire.

I was a joyful kid. There was one time in Middle School I attempted to set a Guinness Book of World Records for the most hugs given. Yes, I tried to do that before any YouTube hotty. I knew that sometimes the only thing people wanted was a hug because most of the time that’s all I really wanted but never knew how to say that. So making a game out of it was my way of getting and giving what I needed. I loved being in band. Concert, Jazz and Marching.

The confusion, well that would take until almost 1997 before I would be able to admit or even acknowledge the most confusing thing. I loved going to church and I loved the people I went with. I had girlfriends who I had “real feelings” for. If you had asked me then I loved them and every single one of them I would have married. When we broke up we remained friends.

In 13 Reasons Why, the dynamic of all of the relationships on some level I could relate to. I couldn’t stop watching. I waited until June to see this because I knew from what I had heard on the radio and what people were talking about that this was something I didn’t need to see. At best I didn’t need to see it alone and yet I did.

The definition of bullying has transformed in today’s standard. Cyber bullying didn’t even exist. What they called it was teasing. What they said was it was boys being boys. You didn’t tell the teacher because the only thing that was said was that you needed tougher skin or if they didn’t hit you there wasn’t anything they could do. Just stay away from them. We all sung “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me. Even today we say what people think of me is none of my concern. While the last statement may be 90% true, what people say to others about someone else and they say to someone else is exactly the premise of 13 Reasons Why.

Rumors, gossip and half-truths cause people, who at one point were beginning to form relationships, to back away. The person gets excluded from things. The phone calls stop. The half-hearted smiles, the surface, “how are ya doing.” I see the way people look, I feel their withdrawal. I hear the comments that people who have no connection to me make based on what they have been told by others. I know what paranoia is and this isn’t that. It’s exactly the type treatment Hannah Baker went through. So sure I’m not in school anymore. We’re all adults right and yet the same type of behavior exists.

At some point the person being treated this way withdraws. Maybe they get a glimpse of hope again and find new friends and they start over. A renewed hope given. After all it is the nature of all living things to exists despite all odds it chooses to live against all odds. They continue to fight because they’ve been through so much worse that “this” isn’t any where near as bad. But what happens when even the strongest runs out of strength. What happens when the loneliness becomes great enough.

Recently, I had the idea that I wanted to go camping…alone for a weekend. To get away from all of civilization. My therapist says it’s my body’s call to get back to nature. Unplug and regroup. That may be true but I have also wanted to just pack up and go.

I have had thoughts that I didn’t want to exist anymore, or that people would be better off if I wasn’t here.  The world was dark, sometimes it still is. Even today I wonder how many more times will I stand up after being brought to my knees. Even more so if I were to just disappear how long before anyone would notice.

Here’s what I find perplexing and sick about 13 Reasons Why. I’m perplexed as to why people need to know why someone would commit suicide. We always want to know, “did they leave a note, did they say why.” Why does knowing why mean so much. For whatever reason that person was in enough pain that not only did it overcome them but they also didn’t feel like there was anyone in their handful of friends that if you have you should be lucky for. Those closest didn’t see through the smiles, the going through life as if and then when it was all over everyone wonders why.

The sick thing about this show was the making of the tape and having them pass it around. Sure she told her story of being bullied, stalked, neglected, shamed, teased and party to things that a kid shouldn’t have to be a part of. To inflict the same level of pain if not worse on 13 other people is just as cruel and sadistic as what was originally done. In theory does it bring to light that we all play a part in each others lives and we could all do something like give an unsolicited hug, listen when no one else will listen, hear the cry for help that is deafened by judgement?

Ultimately all that Hannah did was cause more discord, distrust, retribution, another suicide and from what I will infer from the ending the beginnings of what will be the story of Columbine.

Be careful when you engage in gossip, think about how someone else may feel when you shun them. I heard a woman once say, ” Just because I love you doesn’t mean I have to invite you over for tea.” The problem with that line of thinking is that until you get to know someone that type of judgement can’t be made. Especially when it’s made based on the opinions of someone else. Yes, not everyone is safe and yes not everyone deserves to be allowed into your inner circle.

But an inauthentic, disingenuous, “I love you. It’s so good to see you! How are you doing? We missed you.” Is just as hurtful as having not said anything at all. The person hearing these things won’t be tricked for long when your words don’t match the action that typically comes with them. The people who say those things reach out. The people who say those things are apart of the person’s life to whom they are saying to.

Sticks and Stone will break your bones and words can break soul and a heart.

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The Nest …Why you should have it. From the Books of Mark

As we approach winter many may think to themselves why would I need to invest hundreds ($250 to be exact) for a thermostat? I have heard some say ” well I can just buy one that is programmable.” Well this is not your typical programmable thermostat and if your wallet is looking a little empty you might want to then this might want to be something you consider. In the article ( they talk about the features of the nest. It learns over time your patterns, knows the weather and adjusts accordingly, and best of all can be controlled from anywhere.

You will not have to reprogram it every season change. The Nest allows you to program the temps for both seasons and either run them simultaneously (heat cold swing) or separately. With the traditional programmable thermostats you have to remember to reprogram it every season. Now be honest how many of you take the time to do that? How many times have you had a programmed thermostat where it was supposed to come on but did not? I am not an employee or stock holder in the company so I have no investment other than passing along great savings to friends and family. nest_learning_thermostat_3

Now for the cool part(yes it gets better). The Nest partners with GA Power (and several other power ompanies) and you could get an additional discount for purchasing the device on top of the already hundreds of dollars you could save per year. Not only that but the Nest connects to several devices in the home. 

Some of you might say, ” What if my phone gets stolen?” You can control the nest from any computer by logging into the device. It’s as simple as changing your password to prevent your stolen device from accessing your thermostat. “What if the power goes out,” other might say? The HVAC unit won’t work if the power is out so independently of Nest you’re still in the same position. If you like the idea of saving money then this is a worth while investment that I highly recommend.

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Chapter 1 – The Beginning From The Books of Mark

ImageMy name is Mark. I am many things much more complex than my name but that’s always a good place to start. I was born at a Naval Hospital in Charleston, SC to Bridgette and Mark. They were high school sweethearts. My dad served in the Navy, my mom an aspiring respiratory therapist.

The story I’ve been told is that the 2 families knew each other for some time. As they graduated from high school “Summer loving happened so fast…” and 9 months later I was born. I don’t mean to cheapen the experience as i’m told they were soul mates. December of 1980 I was born. My grandparents used to have a small house on their farm and that’s where the 3 of us lived for a short time.

Before my third birthday, in September, my sister was born. We moved down the road. We had a black lab named sweet pea. The house was a 1 story and brick. I went to the preschool down the street. I don’t remember the name. I do remember that my parents got into fights.

Nothing specific but I remember yelling. I got caught “playing” with the neighbor behind the couch in the living room. It couldn’t have been anything more than touching or comparing. I do remember having a conversation that wasn’t what little boys did.  I’m sure we were the same age but I’m not sure how it all started. Sweet pea got pegnant had puppies and was later hit by a car. That would be the 1st time I can remember experiencing death. It didn’t make sense at the time. I just knew that my dog was gone.

My parents got separated and we moved to Columbia, SC. My dad would follow. Living at an apartment right down the road. I went to Timmerman Elementary. Because of my late birthday I should have started school at 6 almost 7 but my mom had me tested and I think…or maybe since Timmerman was a private school they just didn’t care…either way I entered First Grade at 5.

The house we lived in was 3 stories. From the street it looked like 2. My bedroom was up stairs to the left straight back. My sisters was just to the right of mine, the bathroom in the center of the stairs and their bedroom off to the right. The sitting room was to the left once you opened the door the kitchen and dining room directly behind that.

Off of the kitchen was a stairwell that had a twist which led to the basement. Sliding glass doors led to the backyard. This would be the room we would play video games…I don’t remember watching TV during this time. My dad had a punching bag for my size, a basketball hoop that hung over the doorway that led to the garage where the washer and dryer was. My mom drove a yellow Nissan Sentra, my dad drove a dark gold Honda Accord. I don’t remember whether they used the garage for the cars.

That’s all for now. There will be more to come.


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The “F” Bomb – Is it effective? – From the Books of Mark

The other day I was driving to work and my local morning show played a commercial of little girls using the “F” bomb to talk about the reasons why women should have equality. Theare was so much discussion about it that it made my hour commute seem really really short.


For the purpose that is tryng to get across this is perfect. Their whole marketing scheme is on saying and doing the outrageous to grab the attention of anyone who is listening and or watching. These girls make excellent points. The problem is not that they use the “F” word, it’s that we have attached a negative conotation on the word.

I went to a a retreat where it was explained that there is no “good” or “bad” energy. It’s just energy. We assign value words and the learned behavior of what is good and bad passed on. I think there is also another theme going on here that is interesting to be broken. These girls are dressed as princesses, yet they are using one of the most foul words in the English language. I can hear my granny saying, “That’s not very lady like” or Girls don’t behave that way. But who made that rule that girls had to be dainty and demour? Watch the video for yourself what do you think?

Final thoughts, we live in a world where sensationalism is the only way to get the attention of the viewer (or that’s what they think). With all of our distractions the media teases us with plays on words  half-truths or lies just to get our attention. The only way to stop that is to demand better. Sadly, I doubt there is any going back from the place we are in now.

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Chapter 3 – From the Books of Mark

chapter3The year was 1989. We live in a small suburban (almost rural at the time) town called Irmo. Sometimes I find it amazing what the brain chooses to remember and what it doesn’t or wont’. As a whole I do not remember anything from 1st grade to 4th grade which is where we ended up. My mom and dad had gotten back together again.

She loved him, southern tradition and her religious upbringing said she needed to stay with him. Maybe she didn’t want to be like her mother who continued to have children with men and either put them up for adp[tion or treat them like crap. Jessie put her 2 boys up for adoptions and while she didn’t actually put my mom up for adoption she did give my mom up to Anna, her grandmother, without even a second thought. Those are things I’ll never know. We moved shortly before Hurricane Hugo. I remember this because it was the 1st time I ever saw snow. However little it was and it didn’t stick but I saw snow. I remember driving by our old house in Columbia and seeing the big oak tree that used to hover over the back of the house now pressed against it. The red screen door laying in the driveway. The yard was a mess.

By this time I’m in 4th grade. I was in a new school. My sister, Lauren and I would spend a majority of our schooling at the same school. I don’t remember that being an inconvenience or an annoyance but maybe it was since it felt appropriate to say it. Our relationship was as it should be for a brother and sister. I loved her but she got on my nerves sometimes. I was mamma’s boy and she was daddy’s girl. Or at least that’s how I remember it. Lauren would get in trouble from my mom for not cleaning her room, I would get in trouble with my dad for playing with Barbie.

I did relatively well in school but Lauren was always the smarter one…or maybe she applied herself better…either way she got the better grades. I had friends in school classes were small and I think I got the attention I needed. I remember sitting in class and learning to read lips as the girls talked about the boys in class that they liked. I was kind of shy but got a long with most of my class mates. I remember some of the  picking on me because I was “gay.”

Again, I didn’t know what that was or what that even meant but  I had heard it before and I was very self-conscious. I remember this kid named Joey and he had the new Reebok Pump High Top basketball shoes. They were white  and blue and the pump was a basketball and orange. I begged to get these shoes. I needed to have them to be cool (every kid says this at some point). They were $100 and neither of my parents were having it. They bought me the L.A. Gears. They guys called me L.A. Queer. I got British Knights. They moved on to something new. I remember being really trusting or gullible however you see it. There were two boys named Josh and I wanted to be their friend so bad I got into all sorts of trouble. One example was when they convinced me that if I went into the boy’s room and climbed up into the ceiling I could skip school. Now mind you they weren’t going to be skipping school and coming with me they just said that it could be done and I said that I would do it. Needless to say that I pulled all the tiles down before I could even hoist myself up. Huge trouble.

The first time I was ever called the “N” word was by one of the boys named Josh. I remember being really upset and when I got home it was explained to me that no one should use that word again and if it happened I should tell the teacher. I don’t remember if I did. I had a girlfriend. Her name was Erica. That seemed to quiet things down for a bit. In elementary school holding hands was enough. She would be the first of many to help “save” me.

The next couple years are probably the best I can remember. My parents seemed not to fight as much. We were still going to the same church, I had lots of friends from there some of which lived in the neighborhood. My sister and I would ride bikes every where. We played with the neighbor kids. Mom threw backyard carnivals where people face painted and there were games.

I think the first time we went to Disney was during this time. I remember having a Mickey Doll and Lauren having a Mini Doll that we used to toss back up and down the stair like they were Olympic Gymnast. We would get in out sleeping bags and slide down the stairs in the summers, take the cushions off the couch to build cubbies and sit on the springs while we ate our cereal and watched cartoons. My dad worked for the cable company so we had free cable. We were the best of friends most of the time. Our rooms were upstairs, separated by a big play space. We had our own bathroom to share. The house was Brick 2 stories, much like the one before. No garage though. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. A huge backyard, big enough for us to ride our bikes around and it had a tree house.

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