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The Nest …Why you should have it. From the Books of Mark

As we approach winter many may think to themselves why would I need to invest hundreds ($250 to be exact) for a thermostat? I have heard some say ” well I can just buy one that is programmable.” Well this is not your typical programmable thermostat and if your wallet is looking a little empty you might want to then this might want to be something you consider. In the article ( they talk about the features of the nest. It learns over time your patterns, knows the weather and adjusts accordingly, and best of all can be controlled from anywhere.

You will not have to reprogram it every season change. The Nest allows you to program the temps for both seasons and either run them simultaneously (heat cold swing) or separately. With the traditional programmable thermostats you have to remember to reprogram it every season. Now be honest how many of you take the time to do that? How many times have you had a programmed thermostat where it was supposed to come on but did not? I am not an employee or stock holder in the company so I have no investment other than passing along great savings to friends and family. nest_learning_thermostat_3

Now for the cool part(yes it gets better). The Nest partners with GA Power (and several other power ompanies) and you could get an additional discount for purchasing the device on top of the already hundreds of dollars you could save per year. Not only that but the Nest connects to several devices in the home. 

Some of you might say, ” What if my phone gets stolen?” You can control the nest from any computer by logging into the device. It’s as simple as changing your password to prevent your stolen device from accessing your thermostat. “What if the power goes out,” other might say? The HVAC unit won’t work if the power is out so independently of Nest you’re still in the same position. If you like the idea of saving money then this is a worth while investment that I highly recommend.


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Chapter 1 – The Beginning From The Books of Mark

ImageMy name is Mark. I am many things much more complex than my name but that’s always a good place to start. I was born at a Naval Hospital in Charleston, SC to Bridgette and Mark. They were high school sweethearts. My dad served in the Navy, my mom an aspiring respiratory therapist.

The story I’ve been told is that the 2 families knew each other for some time. As they graduated from high school “Summer loving happened so fast…” and 9 months later I was born. I don’t mean to cheapen the experience as i’m told they were soul mates. December of 1980 I was born. My grandparents used to have a small house on their farm and that’s where the 3 of us lived for a short time.

Before my third birthday, in September, my sister was born. We moved down the road. We had a black lab named sweet pea. The house was a 1 story and brick. I went to the preschool down the street. I don’t remember the name. I do remember that my parents got into fights.

Nothing specific but I remember yelling. I got caught “playing” with the neighbor behind the couch in the living room. It couldn’t have been anything more than touching or comparing. I do remember having a conversation that wasn’t what little boys did.  I’m sure we were the same age but I’m not sure how it all started. Sweet pea got pegnant had puppies and was later hit by a car. That would be the 1st time I can remember experiencing death. It didn’t make sense at the time. I just knew that my dog was gone.

My parents got separated and we moved to Columbia, SC. My dad would follow. Living at an apartment right down the road. I went to Timmerman Elementary. Because of my late birthday I should have started school at 6 almost 7 but my mom had me tested and I think…or maybe since Timmerman was a private school they just didn’t care…either way I entered First Grade at 5.

The house we lived in was 3 stories. From the street it looked like 2. My bedroom was up stairs to the left straight back. My sisters was just to the right of mine, the bathroom in the center of the stairs and their bedroom off to the right. The sitting room was to the left once you opened the door the kitchen and dining room directly behind that.

Off of the kitchen was a stairwell that had a twist which led to the basement. Sliding glass doors led to the backyard. This would be the room we would play video games…I don’t remember watching TV during this time. My dad had a punching bag for my size, a basketball hoop that hung over the doorway that led to the garage where the washer and dryer was. My mom drove a yellow Nissan Sentra, my dad drove a dark gold Honda Accord. I don’t remember whether they used the garage for the cars.

That’s all for now. There will be more to come.


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