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The Nest …Why you should have it. From the Books of Mark

As we approach winter many may think to themselves why would I need to invest hundreds ($250 to be exact) for a thermostat? I have heard some say ” well I can just buy one that is programmable.” Well this is not your typical programmable thermostat and if your wallet is looking a little empty you might want to then this might want to be something you consider. In the article ( they talk about the features of the nest. It learns over time your patterns, knows the weather and adjusts accordingly, and best of all can be controlled from anywhere.

You will not have to reprogram it every season change. The Nest allows you to program the temps for both seasons and either run them simultaneously (heat cold swing) or separately. With the traditional programmable thermostats you have to remember to reprogram it every season. Now be honest how many of you take the time to do that? How many times have you had a programmed thermostat where it was supposed to come on but did not? I am not an employee or stock holder in the company so I have no investment other than passing along great savings to friends and family. nest_learning_thermostat_3

Now for the cool part(yes it gets better). The Nest partners with GA Power (and several other power ompanies) and you could get an additional discount for purchasing the device on top of the already hundreds of dollars you could save per year. Not only that but the Nest connects to several devices in the home. 

Some of you might say, ” What if my phone gets stolen?” You can control the nest from any computer by logging into the device. It’s as simple as changing your password to prevent your stolen device from accessing your thermostat. “What if the power goes out,” other might say? The HVAC unit won’t work if the power is out so independently of Nest you’re still in the same position. If you like the idea of saving money then this is a worth while investment that I highly recommend.


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Underestimated – From the Books of Mark

Sometines I wonder why people underestimate me. What I think I have come to understand is that folks underestimate because they are only capable of seeing 1 dimension of a persons soul and heart. Some can’t see at all. When a spirit like yours is around they don’t comprehend so they go with what is obvious. I saw a show that said “when you’ve done things right it’s like you’ve done nothing at all.

They underestimate the intricacy of having it done right so they are oblivious to it even having happened. Or the fact that when we go to turn on the light we don’t think too much about the currents that run through the house and all the small details that happen as we flip the switch because we only expect the light to come on and only notice it when it doesn’t.

My true friends and family know me and can see right to the core of me. Every fear, joy, laugh, tear, love, heart break. When they ask how are you and I say I’m good they know what my good sounds/looks like and they know to say are you sure.

The friend who inspired this post is one of those people. From the day I met her I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. I could see all of her. My Aunt Re tells me I’m too smart for my own good and that when I put my mind to something I’m a force to be reckoned with.

Some people can see the colors between the colors. Single out 1 blade if a ceiling fan at its highest speed. Know how the power gets from the power plant hundreds of miles away to a switch in the house and some just can’t…

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Family of origin v. Family of choice – From The Books of Mark


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